18 oct. 2012

NOFX - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live - 2007 - FLAC

No. Title Originally appeared on Length
1. "Intro/Glass War"   13 Stitches single 4:39
2. "You're Wrong"   Never Trust A Hippy EP 2:53
3. "Franco Un-American"   War On Errorism 3:19
4. "Scavenger Type"   Punk In Drublic 2:50
5. "What's the Matter With Parents Today?"   Pods and Gods, Pump Up The Valuum 2:27
6. "The Longest Line"   The Longest Line EP 2:34
7. "New Happy Birthday Song?"   Surfer EP 1:14
8. "Eat the Meek"   So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes 4:01
9. "Murder the Government"   Fuck the Kids, So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes 1:12
10. "Monosyllabic Girl"   So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes 0:52
11. "I'm Telling Tim"   Fuck the Kids, So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes 1:08
12. "Instant Crassic"   Wolves in Wolves' Clothing 0:40
13. "Can't Get the Stink Out"   Surfer 0:50
14. "See Her Pee"   Short Music For Short People 0:29
15. "I Wanna Be an Alcoholic"   Peepshow (Video) 0:23
16. "Fuck the Kids"   Surfer 0:20
17. "Juice Head"   Surfer 0:58
18. "What Now My Love" (originally titled "What Now Herb?") 7" of the Month Club (September) 3:35
19. "Lori Meyers" (with Sarah Sandin on vocals) Punk in Drublic 3:30
20. "We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum"   Wolves in Wolves' Clothing 5:40
21. "I, Melvin" (with Matt Hensley of Flogging Molly on accordion) 7" of the Month Club (October) 3:10
22. "Green Corn"   Ribbed 2:55
23. "Whoops I OD'd"   War On Errorism 3:10
24. "Stickin in My Eye/The Decline" (faded out) White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean, The Decline EP 6:09

LINK: http://adf.ly/DoHqa


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